Past coordinates-1

My coordinates I wore in past weekends ^^

This pic I took for a long time I put the flowery clip on the side of my head, I thought the colour went with the skirt nicely though it might be a little weird..

My new leggings with skull printed. This coord made me have a chance to wear it^^ I've recently liked skull prints on white clothe.

This would be my favourite shirt XD Skull-print with tiny white gems on it make it a little glitter. I decided to wear as a dress with shorts and long socks on.

A little bit lolita on this one^^ Maybe casually classic loli.. It's the second-hand Anna Sui dress and off-brand creamy blouse.

My eye make-up on last Saturday, going out with friends to watch Hanzel & Gretel together. I liked the movie much.

It took some time to be able to eventually draw it neatly and look balanced...