On Chinese new year update

Som and I willed to go hanging out and see a free concert hold at the Central World today, but she has food poisoning, so she sent a message later that she couldn't come and took a rest at home while I was at the Jap class. I wish she will get well soon. In evening I went out with Jab and met Ferst, instead. We sit and talked about past events since she and I haven't seen him a long time.

My outfit today

Just wear something dark :) I tried a new eye make-up though it can't see clearly in the pic.

I hate my eye bags. I was born with single eyelids, so nature eventually ironic gives me double eye bags? o_O


Before we left, we had a look at the lion shows for Chinese new year for while, which could see from the skytrain platform.

Though we just watched it for a short time, but I was really glad to see this show again because the last time I had ever had a chance to see that was when I was like 9-10 years old. o_O