My new shoes

I got these shoes about a few weeks ago. The first one I spotted it at Ratchayothin Major. There were so many shoes on sales there. I got this pair only 150 baths, and it looks good quality. There were also some pair that really caught my eyes with high platforms in cute pastel color which were perfect to coordinate with fairy kei fashion or other coords that can match them. Unfortunately, there was no my size!

And the last one! I wanted a plastic-like pair of shoes that I can wear it to work since it's the rain season in Thailand. The streets are usually dirty with rain water, mixed with dirty dust, so it'd be easier to clean off if the dirty water splats onto them. I love the big ribbons on the front. I got this pair from the Union Mall.


Photographing at Silpakorn University

A friend of mine have just graduated. But we didn't have time to go see her during either rehearsal or ceremony day altogether, so she made a date for the rest of us could see her and say congratulations!

My today's outfit^_^

It was Saturday, and it was cloudy. Bowling and I reached Silpakorn at almost 3 pm. It was my first time walking into Silpakorn University. The space inside is small but surrounded with many buildings. I love the environment there being shaded by large trees. It's a lovely place.

We worried it might rain, and yes it did a little drip-drop. However, when we started to move eating somewhere else, the rain fell a bit heavy for a while. We decided to cross the river by a ferry to eat at the restaurant. We ended up at a steak shop.

After dinner, we took a long while to board the ferry again and headed back since it became early night, and the vehicle for passengers were running less than the afternoon. It was a tiring day, but it's good to go hang out with friends again!