Tired from walking around in the bookstore, and finally got these...

Got new magazines yesterday from Kinokuniya; I bought my first Zipper.

I've known Zipper not so long and wanted it, but it's not available in general bookstores since it's not published in Thai version. Zipper is a fashion magazine that has styles and makeup trend of Harajuku currently.. I got the volume in December, which has Kyary on cover.

So many cute things and coordnates... I love the make up tutorial in this magazine; the make up look is lovely and natural. Japanese magazines I usually buy are Vivi and Popteen that are available generally in Thailand. I wish Zipper and Kera are gonna be published in Thai version too.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

I've got extra pages inside the Zipper; it's Amo and Ayamo who now are singers and models.
I really love their style especially sweet style from Amo

And the next, I just bought it for a lovely bag attached for free Q-Pot..

I'd never know what this mag is before(what a shame :p) till I had a look at it. It's about cute accessories inspired by sweets and dessert..

I really enjoy whimsical from these photographs.. 

My bag from Q-Pot...