Hey! Say Jump! and Japan Series concerts

The past few weeks I had a chance to attend two concerts! The first is free concert. Knowing little about J-pop, I got to know Hey! Say Jump! They made their first promoting in Thailand. In fact my friends called me to meet up and go seeing them together XD

We'd got paper signs from a group of fans to show when the band showed up XD

There's a lot of people fulled the square, even though I'm not their fan but couldn't help going excited to see them. Some fans had come to the square early in the morning just to wait for the concert started at evening, so they could get the place at front stage. I felt really amazed by their passion o_O

I could only catch a glimpse of singers.. I made an effort to take their photos, but just miserably failed LOL since they are mostly blurred XP

And the last we got to see Piko and other musician from V-kei bands. However, we didn't get to see them inside the place since we didn't get the tickets, only just Pom who luckily could go there XD She also made a fan for cheering her favourite Chiyu Masato :D For fans who couldn't have no tickets can watch concert from the outside as the big screen's provided. 


Few photoshoots on the magazines Som and Pom bought from the bookstore.

 We after the concert! ^3^

I didn't have a good photo of Piko from that event. But The pic as below is the photo I took myself from his promoting concert last year XD