My cosplay at Thai-Japan Anime & Music Festival

Finally, on the last Sunday, I had an official cosplay! It was Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo. As the past time, I only dressed cosplay lolita, which never looked like a serious cosplay, so now I finally did it :P Howeverrr unfortunately that day I unforgivably forgot to bring the black straw voodoo doll that's like a trademark for Enma Ai...

So I had to pose something out of the bore since I had no prop ToT

I think that day was a harsh day for all cosplayers since this event was hold on summer.. AND on top of that, Thailand summer..... I had to sit in the house to spend time determined to go out at noon for friends meet up... Thank you for light and camera that helped concealing the make-up that had been melting, oily and looked wax!

Jabfy cosplayed the nurse from Silent Hill and Kyasarin dressed in awesome gothic lolita.

Som cosplayed Kyary's Fashion Monster. She looks really cute XD

So from below it's going to be pic spams!

A friend lent me the bag for a prop, and the knife from Nurse :P

That event a person cosplayed as the Pyramid Head, so someone whom one of my friends knew took the Pyramid to meet up with her, so there we go having a cool Silent Hill duo cosplay XD

Check out Kyasarin's outfit and coordinate details! I really love the embroidery, it's elegant! She also made some accessories herself.

I really like Jab's passion for her horror cosplay! That day was so hot, but she really endeavoured for wearing the mask! We and other friends had to escape the heat inside the cool-aired mall, and to be surprised... she made a kid cry again LOL

I didn't take many other cosplayer photos. We ran into a couple of lolita girls in sweet style of Bodyline. I was glad to see someone was wearing that famous Body Line carrousel print <3

That day was very fun and tiring. I reached home almost 10.30 pm! Damn the traffic >w<