Photographing at Silpakorn University

A friend of mine have just graduated. But we didn't have time to go see her during either rehearsal or ceremony day altogether, so she made a date for the rest of us could see her and say congratulations!

My today's outfit^_^

It was Saturday, and it was cloudy. Bowling and I reached Silpakorn at almost 3 pm. It was my first time walking into Silpakorn University. The space inside is small but surrounded with many buildings. I love the environment there being shaded by large trees. It's a lovely place.

We worried it might rain, and yes it did a little drip-drop. However, when we started to move eating somewhere else, the rain fell a bit heavy for a while. We decided to cross the river by a ferry to eat at the restaurant. We ended up at a steak shop.

After dinner, we took a long while to board the ferry again and headed back since it became early night, and the vehicle for passengers were running less than the afternoon. It was a tiring day, but it's good to go hang out with friends again!