Earrings collection

3-4 years ago I loved buying cute and weird earrings and wore them often. I hardly buy them these days, anyway. I ocassionally passed some stall that sells earring holders, so I finally got it for a small piece. I only show my favourites since it has limited space and most of them are just old. Although I hardly wear them, I thought it was time they shouldn't be abandoned in the plastic old drawer anymore XD

Almost of them used to be worn so often when I was an earring crazed. They have vintage feel as the part below. Cute rabbits in lavender; aren't they so sweet? I fell in love with them right away. that was in time I got into lolita fashion. The boat and the helm were what I put on often when going to school. It looked really cool. The silver fishbones are pieces I put on today just to make sure that my earring holes haven't closed up since I never wear it for long time.

Along with these pieces, too. Dolls and rocky houses; just loved them because it has dolly-kei and lolita fashion feels. I used to wear them with sweet-coloured outfits.

There are also some earrings I've never once worn it going out anywhere, too. They are vintage rocky chairs!! XD Why? Because they're too heavy! They are heavy as if they were made of metal (I had no idea about it).. have bronze colour.. and are like something from an antique shop. I bought them like 3-4 years ago just because they are nice. I didn't care if I didn't wear them as long as they were in my possession, I was content!

Next, just like the polka dotted star shaped earrings on the first pic, the eyes with wings and lips hanging-chained are the pieces I've ever hardly worn... Maybe because they go with bizarre outfits? No, they are also heavy too! These reminded me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu whimsical; I found them at Sampeng market months ago, and got it without making any decision as I like Kyary~~ :p

Though I haven't collected earrings now like I ever did, I think I'd trend to buy eccentric ones. They are weird and cute, maybe creepy at the same time? Having earring holder might encourage me to put them on again.. The fact that I don't feel like wearing them because I've been working now and have no time for these delicate accessories... (Still, I can put them on in weekends :P)