J-Trend in Town 10.6.12

Today I went to J-Trend in Town. It's a cosplay event that's held on the first Saturday of every month. For this Saturday, it's in October so there was cosplay contest for halloween, and one of my friends wanted to participate! She cosplayed as the character with flower-like monster mouth in RE4. She did that mouth thing all by herself. It's really scary and pretty much look real if you look closely

She had to present herself on the stage, so we helped her by performing as other characters; and I was one of the victims. Too bad we had little time for rehearsal. It turned out to be good, anyway. Unfortunately, her cosplay didn't win, but it was a great time to do something together.

The last highlight is Malerose, a Thai visual kei band. They are talented; their music is really great, and they're famous among Thai visual kei lovers.

My favourite is the bass player.

My today ended tiring but fun. Glad that I saw Malerose in almost every Japanese event. I hope they're gonna get bigger and have more fans.